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The safety and well-being of our patients continues to be our primary concern.  Please know the precautions your dentist already takes everyday to prevent
the spread of infection in his or her practice also helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Annapolis Prosthodontic Associates, a group of three university-certified, highly trained, experienced specialists, uses the latest technology in the development of accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, and in the fabrication of specialized prosthetics in their own on-site dental laboratory. We provide personalized in-office customization, experienced implant treatment, treatment planning, teeth whitening and also routine oral hygiene maintenance. Using digital radiography, CAD/CAM technology and other new technologies, we can now solve problems that were once thought hopeless.

200 Westgate Circle, Suite106 Annapolis, MD 21401
Annapolis: 410.268.7100   |  Baltimore: 410.269.1000   |  Fax: 410.269.1329

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